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2017 Registrations


Location:  TBA


Date:  TBA 


Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm


If you need registration paperwork you can find it at the

"Forms & Handouts" page.


Contact a board member for more info.

See contact info below.


Boys and Girls are eligible to participate if they are:

Between the ages of 7 and 15 as of  July 1, 2017

Must meet certain minimum and maximum weight guidelines.


Please click (HERE) to go to our Registration Information Page.


Football Questions Contact:
Richard Hagopian - President
PO Box 538 W. Wareham Ma, 02576
Email -
Phone – (508) 889-2192


Cheerleading Questions Contact:
Betsy Stephens - Cheer Coordinator
PO Box 538 W. Wareham Ma, 02576
Email -


Now is the time to schedule a Physical Exam with your child's Pediatrician

Exam forms must be dated after January 1st, 2017


*(Doctor's waiver/note is acceptable) An Official WTPW Medical Release form is available on the Wareham Tigers website


*Doctor's waiver/note must say that the Doctor certifies your child is fit to participate in Football/Cheerleading.


*Doctor's waiver/note will be attached to an Official WTPW Medical Release form.



- The name of your health insurance company and policy number

- ALL NEW Football players & Cheerleaders need - Original Birth Certificate with raised seal (and a copy)

- If you participated during the 2016 season, we have a Hockomock approval Birth Certificate on file

- All original birth certificates will be returned as soon as is permitted.

- Sports Physical dated after January 1st 2016 or Doctor's waiver/note is acceptable


NO Football player or Cheerleader will be assigned to a team until all above information is received


All applications will be placed in numerical order upon completion of ALL information


Only 35 slots per Team or Squad are available, All others will be placed on a waiting list


Volunteers Needed

1.  At the Gate (for home games when your child isn't playing)

2.  50/50 raffles

3.  Field Chain Crew

4.  Concession Stand (in shifts)

5.  Fundraising


This is a Volunteer organization, any and all help is needed and greatly appreciated


Thank you for your support!